Dog Food

I mix various dry foods up together and switch to different brands a lot.
I really like the Evangerís brand the most, especially the one with pumpkin in it below.  They have the best canned products if and when you donít have time to cook or have leftovers to mix with their food some days.  They are good enough to eat yourself.
Start off with 3 mixed meals for a couple of days when you take your puppy home and cut down to 2 mixed meals a day.  Leave dry food Biljac out for them to munch on in-between when you cut back to 2 meals.   They are very fast growning puppies and very healthy and active.  Don't go by labels or certain amounts to feed them.  Let them eat all they want.
Some of Evangerís good dry food:
Whitefish, Sweet Potato and Venison
Chicken, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin
Hand Packed Dog Food in Cans:
Chicken Drummet Dinner
Catch of the Day
Premium Hunk of Beef
Chunky Chicken Casserole
Chicken Thighs
Braised Beef Chunks with Gravy 

Royal Canin is a great product as well

Important Article on Pet Coach about STORAGE of your dog food:
If you are like most dog owners you have probably spent a lot of time carefully choosing a food for your dog, reading ingredient lists and trying to make sense of labels while also appealing to your petís palate and your pocketbook. The last thing you want is for food to become rancid or contaminated due to improper storage. Continue reading to learn about common mistakes dog owners make when storing food.
Leaving your dogís food in the bag allows exposure to humidity and heat, which can lead to mold and contamination with storage mites. Storage mites are not toxic if ingested, but dogs can develop allergies to mites and exposure to the mites can cause symptoms of atopy, or skin allergies. Molds can cause gastrointestinal upset, and some rare types of mold secrete toxins that can cause significant liver damage or neurologic signs. The best place to store dry food is in a plastic, glass or metal container with a tight fitting lid. This can also discourage pests like mice and insects who might also like access to the food but can carry disease that could be transmissible to you and your dog. You can keep food in the original bag within your chosen container, or if you need to discard the bag be sure to keep the serial number in case of a recall.

DO NOT go by amounts of food to feed a puppy on a dog food bag or your vet.  They will stop eating when they are full.  They are active puppies and should always have as much food as they want to eat.  My grown dogs get one Big healthy mixed meal in the morning and then there is dry food left out all the time.

Fell free to call or email with any questions anytime.  If for any reason your puppy is not working out for you we are happy to give you a full refund if you bring them right back in a few weeks.  If for any reason something changes in your lifestyle over the years and you can not keep your dog anymore remember on our adoption information that you need to return your dog to us.
I am sure all of you will have a new best friend and Loyal companion for life.

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