Becoming a Pet Parent and Business Owner: Can You Handle Both?
Starting a business and welcoming a new pet are fulfilling for different reasons. If you happen to be on the cusp of starting a new business and bringing home a new puppy, you may fear you will never have time for both. While challenging, you can succeed at being a pet parent and starting your own business if you have a plan. Sea Dog Kennel presents this guide that can help you balance growing a business and nurturing a pet.


Reduce Your Business-Related Stress
Remember to take time for yourself. Put work aside at a reasonable hour every day. Not only will you have more time to play with your new family member, but you also have less of a chance of developing health issues.


To start a business with fewer stressors, create a detailed business plan. The   business plan serves as a blueprint for how you want to run your company. The business plan should include your company’s description and mission. Additionally, include financial projections and your plans to achieve success.


When choosing your business structure, consider an LLC. LLCs have various benefits for your business, including flexibility, tax advantages, less paperwork, and limited liability. Keep in mind that all states have different regulations, so you may need to check the rules before going forward with your LLC. If you do not want to do the legwork, delegate the task to a formation service.


Create a Safe Space for Your Pet
Before you bring your puppy home, create a safe environment. Puppies explore the world with their mouths. Make sure you have no toxic plants, medicals, or chemicals in reach of the puppy. Likewise, hide exposed cords to avoid electrical shock if your puppy tries to chew them.


You may want to create a dog-friendly space close to your office. Choose a corner or room to give your dog his own space to relax in. If you’re going to transform a room into a puppy room, think about converting a mudroom, laundry room, closet, or corner of your office into a puppy play space. Use adjustable dog pens to keep your dog contained.


Long-lasting chews and interactive toys provide your dog with independent playtime while you work. For example, frozen food-stuffed toys offer long-lasting fun. Puzzle toys also provide your dog with enrichment and may keep him busy.


Develop a Routine for You and Your Pet
Dogs and humans alike thrive with routine. Routine sets expectations for your new puppy and helps reduce the stress of being in a new home. Set the rules of the house right away. Consistency helps your pup understand expectations. Try to feed your puppy at the same time every day. When your dog has a routine, you plan it around your business. For example, take your dog for a walk during your breaks or plan training sessions during lunch.


According to the experts, pet sitters can help you balance your professional life with raising a puppy. When looking for a pet sitter, host an in-person interview. Pet sitter organizations may help you find licensed pet sitters in your area. Using apps can also connect you with sitters and dog walkers in your area.


Some may tell you that you cannot raise a pet and start a business simultaneously. While both may have various challenges, you can balance raising your new best friend with creating a successful company with the proper routine and support system.