Portuguese Water Dog Puppy
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How We Got Our Start

A little bit about us here at Sea Dog Kennel: Over 30 years ago our family began breeding Airedales on our country acreage in Pennsylvania.  After the kids left for college we had our 3 females spayed and took a break from breeding.   Our kids were always responsible for all our animals.   It was too much work for us to continue at that time on our own (If you want your kids to grow into super mature and caring adults we strongly recommend animals in their lives for them to nurture and love while growing up).

Our family loves and enjoys all kinds of animals.  We’ve had many good, loving dogs over the years.  Also horses & their colts, a wonderful sweet gentle big mule, goats, sheep, chickens, parrots and other animals throughout the past 40+ years of being married.  We were foster parents for both children and racehorses during some of those years while running a manufacturing company with 200 employees.

Planning For Retirement

Planning for our retirement in our mid fifties, we decided we really missed having and loving puppies.  Since puppies don’t stay puppies forever we decided on getting back into breeding. Well actually Michael thought it would be a nice little hobby to keep me busy and out of trouble. We researched well-behaved, good loving temperaments, intelligent and non-shedding breeds and decided that Portuguese Water Dogs were the best breed in the world & exactly what we were looking for.  Because of them we have the best, happiest and most entertaining life imaginable on a daily basis.

We still have fun like the other day on our rural road coming home from the farmer’s market and a state trooper pulled Michael over and said, “Sir, do you realize your wife fell out of the truck several miles back?” To which Mike said, “Thanks God, I thought I had gone deaf!”

We raise healthy, playful, mischievous PWD and BWD puppies on a diet of exercise, fun and love, all in the country sunshine at Sea Dog Kennel.  Our mix of European and American bloodlines strives to reproduce the quality of temperament that the breed originally possessed.  To learn more about the Portuguese Water dog, visit https://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/portuguese-water-dog/

Family Involvement

Our son Brendan and his pretty wife Oana from Romania love breeding PWD puppies on their farm in Butler near Pittsburgh.  Luckily, they have 6 year old Duke and 8 year old Regan to help with all the puppy chores.  Having dogs has helped to make them more responsible little kids.  No child should grow up without at least one dog in their life.

Our daughter Pauli and her husband Jeff live on the property in their own home and are always available to house sit for us.  We are blessed with a full time puppy person and also Pauli who has the greatest love of animals that I have ever seen.  With all this attention the full potential of every puppy is achieved.

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