We have paws on the ground with  our spring Portuguese Water Dog litters!

**You may now fill out our application online! It can be found here: https://pwdpuppies.com/adoption-application/

For anyone looking for a trained puppy, we have you covered!

For anyone looking to get a head start on the puppy training, and skip some of the eight week old puppy trouble, we have you covered! Iona aka Luna is a beautiful 5 month old Portuguese Water Dog, and daughter of Black Beauty and Dread Pirate Roberts. Beautiful, smart, with a very good nose, and a great personality !

Luna (Iona) already knows few basic commands, she is leashed trained, up to date on her vaccinations. She is house trained and trained on the electric fence!

Super smart and pretty, she’s everything you’re looking for! What  better way to kick off spring than with a loyal PWD puppy like Luna!

**CC and Pirate have a magnificent litter of 9 swashbuckling puppies! 6 boys and 3 girls available as of March 26th that will be ready to sail into their new homes April 14th from Butler, PA or April 15/16 from Harding, PA. Contact Ami with any questions at 570-871-1661.

  1. **Muffin and Pirate have  1 handsome boy that is available as of March 26th and will sail home April 21st from Butler, PA or April 22/23 from Harding, PA.

Upcoming litters that will sail home over the summer will include Lacey x Ninja and Oreo x Flash!

We require a $500 refundable anytime deposit minus a $100 processing fee if you change your mind or switch to a different litter list.    We let you choose your own puppy by the date order we receive deposits on upcoming  litters.  If someone gets off an earlier litter list after they are born, we give you the option of getting a puppy sooner.   Should you find a puppy sooner, we just push that Pay Pal REFUND button instantly minus the $100 processing fee. Our puppies are all $4500, AKC registered, vet checked and vaccinated before sailing into their new homes.

To be placed  onto our future litter lists, please email Ami for adoption/deposit information.  Then at least you are on a list. pwd-ami@hotmail.com

 People cancel for various reasons or find a puppy sooner and you move up the list.    If you aren’t on our deposit list, there for sure will not be a puppy available for you.

Puppies can be picked up in Harding, (between Scranton and Wilkes-Barre),  Butler, (near Pittsburgh) and sometimes in Duck, Outer Banks, NC.

For quotes on transportation, check out CitizenShipper



Call or email for more information. Our puppies are sold with FULL OWNERSHIP; non-breeding AKC papers and you get to pick your own puppy.  I would not co-own a spoon, much less a puppy.

Our buccaneers are raised free & happy, as healthy puppies should be, not crated up! The pack is contained in a 30-acre invisible fence system, with creeks and ponds to play in all day long, everyday. They are members of our family and very well behaved dogs (most of the time), with a “slight” touch of mischief in their loving eyes.

We don’t subject our Sea Dogs to “Dog Shows”, so you won’t find our kennel amongst the usual references. They are all show quality, but we just love and enjoy them. We don’t do the beauty contests, co-own puppies or keep ‘em in crates*. Instead we provide plenty of physical and mental challenges, combined with lots of love and belly rubs every day. Some days these little black devils will all work together to create more fun and diversion than imaginable. They are extremely intelligent and willing to please because of the way they live and grow up on the farm with all our other big dogs and doggie visitors who teach them important new stuff every day. Ex: It is important to remember where you buried your bone. More important; never let anyone see you bury your bone. You will soon find out why.

Having the time and energy for a loyal companion is the key to a successful relationship. Make sure the timing is the right for you to being your new best friend home into your family.

Many Wags,

Mike, Karen, Pauli, Jeff, Brendan, Oana,  Ami, Dave, Maureen, and Victor and everyone else at Sea Dog Kennels

Information on Breeding and Buying:

Our Sea Dogs In Action

Our buccaneers are raised free & happy in a loving environment on 450 acres with creeks and ponds to play in all day long, everyday.

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Getting a puppy at the right time for you is one of the most important things to consider when looking for a puppy. Until puppies are born we don’t know exact pick up dates. Please contact us today for availability.

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