Many of our owners have shared with us pictures and stories of their wonderful puppies and have given us permission to share them with you.  Below, you will find both Portuguese Water Dogs as well as our new designer breed of Bernese Water Dogs.

Portuguese Water Dogs

We wanted to write all of you to say that Franklin, our beautiful PWD, is enjoying life and learning so quickly. Here are some photos and videos of him. Thank you for this amazing gift of love and pure joy. We have loved being present-minded with him – he has a wonderful personality and is super sharp and athletic. We adore him.

Just want you to know how happy Hobie  aka Yukon is doing after his first two weeks. He has met many friends and family. He is assimilating very well. 
I thought you would appreciate these pictures. The third one is Hobie with his Uncle Chester! Chester’s mom is Scarlett, who I think is Bonnie Blue’s mom. 
More updates to follow! We are all in love! 

Bernese Water Dogs


Timber is almost 60lbs now and is a clever, sweet boy with lots of energy and mischief. He especially likes to find paper to shred, despite more than enough toys and bones at his disposal! He is super friendly to all and very attached to us. We are enjoying introducing him to the water and hope he will be a river dog this summer as we paddle board and canoe.
We love having him in our lives and thank you for allowing us to adopt him!
Kerplunk at 5 months

“Kerplunk is such a love! We’re so happy to have her as part of our family. She’s settled right in with the other dogs and loves her humans. Thank you for this sweetie, we adore her!”

Update on Murphy (aka Bridge):  he is now about 7 months and weighs 60 pounds. He is very energetic but also a cuddle bug. He absolutely loves getting pet and even groomed. He will be going to a real groomer for his first hair cut in a few weeks. Here are some pics.
We absolutely love him and think we’ve found our new favorite “breed” of dog.
Lori & Cliff


“Here are some pictures of Bodhi, one of your Bernese Water Pups, who is about 5 months old now. This guy is a lean 43 lbs. He is totally content doing whatever, as long as he is around the family. He is already out of the crate at night. He is very smart and has learned several commands very well. My son thought Bodhi had something in his mouth that should not have been there, so he told him to “drop it” and out came a dog treat I had just given him. Bodhi even waited for permission to pick it back up! Couldn’t ask for a better addition to the family!”


Spencer (formerly Gunner)

“Spencer! 4 1/2 months! Our Bernese Water Dog loves the lake and can’t wait to go paddle boarding,kayaking, boating and swimming. We love him so much!!!!!”

“Hi Karen,

My ears were bothering me so I went to the vet. She gave me medicine. Now I can climb up on the exam table from the chair by myself. I weighed  77 lbs at 10 months and my family thinks that I might reach 90 lbs when I finish growing up. I’m still learning how to swim better but I love riding in the float with Mom.
We’re watching for the next litter of BWD. Not only am I wearing out my parents but wearing them down to bring another dog to my house.”