Neutrering without a Scalpel…….. Arrrrrh Matey! I’m for that!!
(Maybe not when you find out where those 2 needles go into.)

Zeuterin renders male dogs sterile, without the risks of surgery or general anesthesia. Zeuterin, a solution consisting of a specific mixture of Zinc Gluconate and L-Arginine, allows veterinarians to provide a safer, more comfortable method of neutering male dogs. This FDA approved process, consisting of a single injection of Zeuterin to each testes. Holy Mackerel Andy! Let’s not go there. Arrrrrrrh!
It quickly and permanently neuters dogs, with no surgical intervention or general anesthesia needed.

Zinc is a natural spermicide, and when injected into the testes, begins to work in two ways. The Zeuterin solution is calibrated to destroy existing spermatozoa in both the seminiferous tubules and the epididymis. The empty seminiferous tubules then collapse. Over the next several days, the healing process creates scar tissue, which blocks the travel of spermatozoa from the seminiferous tubules and rete testis. As sperm must pass through these structures for excretion to be complete, the buildup of scar tissue renders the dog completely and permanently neutered.

Unlike surgical neutering, the testes themselves are left intact, and able to produce a reduced amount of testosterone. Studies have found that low levels of testosterone can protect certain breeds from illness and issues with metabolic functioning. Neutering by any method is not a guarantee of changed behavior. Dogs may or may not continue to exhibit mating or aggressive behaviors after the procedure. These behaviors are quite complex and not fully dependent on hormonal influences. Neutering should not be performed strictly as a method of behavior modification.

The Zeuterin method of neutering can only be performed by veterinarians who have successfully completed our training, and have been certified in the procedure.

I know nothing about this product so I would research it thoroughly. I am guessing that you would have to search for a vet that is certified to do the procedure as well. Website below.