All our dogs came from champion parents and could no doubt all be champions themselves had we chosen to show them and enter into that political ring. That would mean leaving some of our dogs at home with my husband & traveling with only a few at a time. I would miss them too much to do that & maybe even Mike, my husband, too. We would rather stay home together with all of them so we can play and enjoy every single day as a pack.

How will you know if it is a Polish Sea Dog Pirate?
He will be wearing 2 eye patches!


Tribute to THOR Infante De Grifford, (Portugal & US AKC)


Figurr’in PWD came from Portugal & desiring to have the Very Best Stud possible to start our kennel we tracked down the best breeder in the world. We were truly blessed to get Mr. Stud Muffin Thor from Augusto Guimaraes who owned the famous & historic De Grifford Kennel in Portugal. Augusto the Portuguese Water Dog Guru of the world bred true standard size and temperament for over 65 years.

His strong genes and direct Portuguese bloodlines produced puppies that continue his special bloodlines for us. He was loyal, loving and devoted to all his lady pirate beauties and us. His favorite pick up line, “I’ve sailed the Seven Seas, and you’re the sleekest schooner I’ve ever sighted”.

Died September 14, 2017. Thor went on 3 hikes with his pack and took his late afternoon nap in his favorite dog bed. He died in his sleep. We should all be so lucky. We slid him down into his grave and he lay there with the biggest smile on his face. He found Augusto and some of his littermates and they were already having fun together. God Bless Him. He was a good old boy and died with his boots on. We’ll always love you and meet at that famous rainbow bridge.

Current Stud Muffins

Sea Dog Dread PIRATE Roberts, Butler, (US AKC)

Dread Pirate Roberts

Ahrrr…. Dread Pirate Roberts, is an exceptionally beautiful parti color black and white sweetheart. He has a beautiful shiny thick wavy coat and a natural black eye patch on his eye. He’s super athletic, but sweet and gentle as it can be. Pirate loves attention and sleeping next to his 7-year-old master, Regan. He is an extremely loyal family member. He loves playing with all kids that come over to visit & his best friends are his beloved Princess Buttercup and Precious Muffin. He never runs out of patience for Master Regan who he grew up with.

SEA DOG MOWGLI, Fleetville, (US AKC)

Mowgli is a one of a kind and our newest stud muffin in our outstanding line up and on the smaller size being only 52 pounds. He has the most rare, Silver Fox colors with dark auburn on the bottom of his coat, feet and around his eyes and silver on the tips of his beautiful thick wavy coat. He gets compliments everywhere he goes. From his tremendous markings to his absolute perfect disposition, Mowgli has been nothing short of pure joy to raise. He learned commands very easily. He loves running and playing with his comrades. Fetch is one of his favorite games, even though he sometimes thinks it’s funny to make you chase him because of his wonderful sense of humor!


Sunflower’s Bo has a sunny disposition to match his name. He loves to cavort through the snow, launching himself in the air like a dog half his size. Bo is a big mush and is happiest when he’s playing with his girls Emma, Bonnie Blue and Kerplunk. Snuggling with his human girl is a very close second! You won’t find a dog more loyal and attentive than Bo. He’s a beautiful jet black wavy with beautiful white markings. Recently he has turned into quite the Ladies Man.


Flash is a fun-loving dog that loves his family. Patient and playful, he is wonderful with kids. From jumping from hay bales to frolicking in the water, Flash enjoys every moment that life has to offer.

Our Lassies

Sea Dog Muffin, Butler, (US AKC)

Our newest and best addition is little Muffy. She is a perfect little girl and never seems to do anything bad. She keeps everyone amused with how she can constantly entertains herself and the others in the pack.

Sea Dog Mia

Mia is always ready to have a good time. This brown curly beauty captures the heart of everyone who meets her. From her sweet disposition to her back end always wiggling from happiness, Mia truly embodies the breed. Her first litter of pups proved just how wonderful of a mother she was and how willing she was to let everyone share in the joy of her puppies!

Sea Dog De Gifford Bonnie Blue, Nicholson, (US AKC)

Bonnie Blue is the daughter of Sea Dog De Gifford Katie Scarlett O’Carroll. She’s a white and black fluff ball that is always smiling. Bonnie loves everyone, two-legged and four-legged alike. Her best friend is a black and white cat. She loves to play with others but is perfectly content to occupy herself with her favorite stuffed elephant. Bonnie Blue can be found doing yoga with her human mom every chance she gets! Thor was her Grandfather.

Sea Dog Oreo, Towanda ( US AKC)

Sea Dog Oreo from our Beautiful Mia & Mowgli with the rare European Silver Fox coat is a sensational looking PWD. No doubt she could win any beauty contest in the world. Her super intelligence, sweetness and agility make her the most lovable dog in the country town of Towanda. She loves hiking, swimming and wadding in creeks.

Sea Dog Black Beauty Boldy Baby

Beautiful, smart, energetic, loves the water and loves swimming, she is so cuddly and fun and gets into everything. Also – best mom ever; she is taking such good care of her little cutie fatties.

Sea Dog Lacey

Portuguese Water Dog

Lacey is a delightful combination of sweetness and sass. This smart and loyal dog is always up for adventure, and her agility and fearlessness make her a natural explorer. She loves spending time outdoors, whether it’s hiking in the woods or playing fetch with her favorite squeaky ball. Lacey is a water dog at heart and enjoys splashing around in any body of water she comes across. She’s also very attached to her “Dog Mom” and her human brothers. Her best friend is Ninja. Lacey comes from the Sea Dog family, with Lacey’s mom being Sea Dog Mia and her dad Sea Dog Mowgli

About White Portuguese Dogs

True white PWD many people, including some breeders in the US, didn’t realize are born Ivory or Cream color and then change to white. If you aren’t well versed on the breed you may mistakenly think they look like a Golden Retriever or Golden Doodle at first. As their special little portie bodies develop and grown any one can see that they definitely are 100% to standard Portuguese Water Dog puppies.

Standard Rare White Porties like ours have black noses and eyes. During the winter noses change from black to pinkish called winter noses. True white PWD have bluish skin like their black siblings. The whites born in the US that sometimes develop black ticking know as Irish and the white with black spots called party color have pink skin. Our DNA testing done by the AKC confirmed our special pups to be the solid white original true to standard PWD. Eclipse from our kennel has won championships all over Europe!