All our dogs came from champion parents and could no doubt all be champions themselves had we chosen to show them and enter into that political ring. That would mean leaving some of our dogs at home with my husband & traveling with only a few at a time. I would miss them too much to do that & maybe even Mike too. We would rather stay home together with all of them so we can play and enjoy every single day as a pack.

How will you know if it is a Polish Sea Dog Pirate?
He will be wearing 2 eye patches!

THOR Infante De Grifford, (Portugal & US AKC)

ThorFigurr’in PWD came from Portugal & desiring to have the Very Best Stud possible to start our kennel we tracked down the best breeder in the world. We were truly blessed to get Mr. Stud Muffin Thor from Augusto Guimaraes who owned the famous & historic De Grifford Kennel in Portugal. Augusto the Portuguese Water Dog Guru of the world bred true standard size, temperament and color Porties for over 65 years.

Retired on our farm Thor still has a rich solid thick black wavy coat and is true to the original standard. His strong genes and direct Portuguese bloodlines produce puppies that all took after him like his daughter’s Scarlet, Bronco, Bella & Sandie that continues his special blood lines at Sea Dog Kennels. He is loyal, loving and devoted to all his lady pirate beauties and us. His favorite pick up line, “I’ve sailed the Seven Seas, and you’re the sleekest schooner I’ve ever sighted”.

Died September 14, 2017. Thursday Sept. 14th Thor went on 3 hikes with his pack and took his late afternoon nap in his favorite dog bed. I went to get him so we could all head up the pond to hang out and he had died in his sleep. We should all be so lucky. We slid him down into his grave and he lay there with the biggest smile on his face. I told Michael he must have found Augusto and some of his littermates and they were already having fun together. God Bless Him. He was a good old boy and died with his boots on. We miss you so much already and will always love you. We’ll probably get to be together again in the next 10 to 15 years. See you then old Buddy.

Current Stud Muffins

Sea Dog Dread PIRATE Roberts in Butler, PA

Dread Pirate RobertsAhrrr…. One of the latest additions to the pack – Dread Pirate Roberts, is a beautiful parti color male with a great thick wavy coat and a natural black eye patch on his eye. Very athletic, but sweet as it could be, Pirate Roberts loves the attention, is very loyal. Most of all he loves playing with kids & his best friend Princess Buttercup. He never runs out of patience for Master Regan who he grew up with.

INDIANA Jones (Canadian & US AKC)

IndyINDIANA Jones, Dr. Jones when he is in trouble. Indy earned his name from all the dangerous stunts he pulled on us as an 8 week old puppy, without getting hurt even once. No matter what the season he’s wet from being in water and catching balls, which he hockey kicks back to you. He adores and loves playing with his puppies. They are the only ones he will ever give up his ball to. He has a perfect sweet disposition no matter what any of the girls do to him. His coat is a beautiful thick brown with beautiful white markings. He’s an absolute wonderful joy and fun guy to be around.

Our Lassies

Sandie from our Retired Thor and Caley

SandieSandie and Indiana are always in competition for a ball no matter how long or how many times you throw it. She is a smart as she is loving. Quite a talker just like dear old dad Thor. Wonderful bloodlines for temperment and true to standard PWD. Great swimmer and super athletic and always a wonderful mom!

Sailor (France & US AKC)

SailorSailor’s mom went from France to Portugal to get bred at the De Grifford Kennels. She is extremely happy and our only dog that actually smiles. First thing when I get up in the morning or when she knows she is doing something wrong and you say no, no she shows you all her teeth in a funny sort of smiling fashion accompanied with a funny sort of dance in a circle while she is doing it. She is a solid black thick wavy with a beautiful face. We call her and Diabolo the twins. Sailor will cross any barriers to stay faithfully at your side.


MattieBorn on our farm with Diabolo and our Bodie as her dad. She looks just like her mom and has a wonderful happy attitudue every minute of every day. She truly believes every second of your life should be nothing but fun. She has done more damage here having FUN then all our other dogs as puppies put together. If it is missing, broken or torn you need only look as far as Mattie. She always behaves as if nothing has happened, no matter what has happened. She pulls Indy’s ear down and dunks his face into the water when they are swimming together and love to bite his back legs when he is running. It has making him a very fast runner!

Occasional Co-Litters with our Stud Dogs.

Daisy (New Holland)

DaisyMerv and Linda’s dog in New Holland. She is a black wavy with a lot of flashy markings. She lives with 3 loving children and is super intelligent & gentle.

She has produced a few beautiful outstanding litters with our Indiana Jones.

(Retired) Black Violet

VioletMs. Violet was our first PWD and definitely sold us on the breed from the first day she came into our lives. Retaired and my constant companion for over 12 years now, Violet is total show quality, always prancing with perfect form, curled tail and agility. Between 3 months & 4 months old she learned 35 tricks. Then she went on to excel in tracking. She proved to learn faster and better then our private Iraq military K-9 trainer had ever seen. She impressed the heck out of him & us with the breed’s fast learning ability. She can jump over any fence or get in or out of any house. As a result she is my constant companion and enjoys traveling everywhere. She is an incredible dog instructor herself. We have witnessed her taking her pups to various places in our woods and having them find their way home individually.

(Retired) Diabolo (France & US AKC)

DiaboloDiabolo is the sweetest thing alive without a bad bone in her body. She is from the same great kennel in France as Sailor but they have different parents. She has excellent blood lines and the silkiest solid black thick wavy hair. She would do anything in the world you ask of her. She would make the perfect lap dog & is a certified therapy dog with the AKC good citizenship award. She will swim or run forever to retrieve a tennis ball. She follows the standard of the original Porties with the fantastic combination of the De Gifford blood lines.

(Retired) Anjo Branco

Anjo BrancoAnjo Branco means White Angel in Portuguese. She is from the same litter as Bella with Thor and Caley as her parents. Our only 2 to bring back the rare white recessive gene. Branco is a PURE white curly PWD, very athletic and energetic, but sweet and cuddly at the same time. She loves traveling and loves being around people. She is always on a hunt, for birds, squirrels, chipmunks and/or foxes on her farm in Butler. She was trained in South Dakota on Broken Arrow pheasant and waterfowl farm and possesses great bird hunting skills.

(Retired) Bella

BellaBella was born right here on our farm. She is one of our rare white/ivory porties with the white recessive genes. She is our squirrel, rabbit, pheasant & duck hunter.
Bella is wonderful and very caring, especially for the young new puppies. She loves being at my husband’s side all day long when he is out in the woods.

(retired) Katie Scarlett O’Carroll

ScarlettOur sweetheart Scarlett – or I should say Katie Scarlett O’Carroll, born in Colorado with Erma and Thor stud muffin being her parents. She is a true black PWD, with just a small white little star on her chest, beautiful black eyes, a great sweet personality as well as a great swimmer. She never gets tired of hiking, swimming or retrieving all day long as well as getting in trouble every now and then with her best friend Indiana Jones. She is the most talkative of our dogs, and wins the hearts of every person that meets her.

About White Portuguese Dogs

True white PWD many people, including some breeders in the US, didn’t realize are born Ivory or Cream color and then change to white. If you aren’t well versed on the breed you may mistakenly think they look like a Golden Retriever or Golden Doodle at first. As their special little portie bodies develop and grown any one can see that they definitely are 100% to standard Portuguese Water Dog puppies.

Standard Rare White Porties like ours have black noses and eyes. During the winter noses change from black to pinkish called winter noses. True white PWD have bluish skin like their black siblings. The whites born in the US that sometimes develop black ticking know as Irish and the white with black spots called party color have pink skin. Our DNA testing done by the AKC confirmed our special pups to be the solid white original true to standard PWD.