Ahoy Ye Matey!

ARRRR!!! Which means, “Thank you for visiting our website!”  
We are the home of the famous Pirate Puppies from Portugal.
Our Motto, “Wag more, Bark less.”

Puppies from any litters can be picked up in Harding, between Scranton & Wilkes-Barre, PA or Butler, near Pittsburgh.  Occasionally we can also deliver to DE, Maryland, VA and NC on our way to our home in the Outer Banks.

We are offering a discounted price for this litter and this litter only! Call us or email now for more information.They are of course all AKC registered with FULL Ownership, non breeding, AKC litter certificates with 3 generations, vet checked & all first vaccinations.

We also do 10% discounts on our Outer Banks vacation rentals for any of you that get one of our puppies.  One is oceanfront on 3 acres in Corolla and the other is in Duck where you can put on your leash and stroll to all the dog friendly places in the village.

People with deposits get to choose their puppies first in the order that we receive their deposits.  Deposits arrive daily and sometimes all our puppies already have wonderful loving homes to go to before they are born.  You can do a $300 refundable anytime deposit to get onto the deposit list for the time that suits you best for getting a puppy.

“Happiness is a warm puppy”.  

Go ahead and add some wiggle to your life. Timing is the most important thing for getting your puppy.  Making sure you have the time for a puppy/dog is most critical.  House training seems to go better in the winter because you go out and they have to go quickly.  In the summer they go out and get excited playing and forget to go until they get back inside.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions anytime.  If for any reason you get a puppy from us and they are not working out for you we are happy to give you a full refund as soon as you return them to us.  If for any reason something changes in your lifestyle over the years and you can not keep your dog anymore remember on our adoption information that you need to return your dog to us.

Shiver Me Timbers!  Beware and forearmed landlubbers having one of our treasures may catapult you into so much fun & diversion that you will want to trade your computer for rum and sail the open seas with your new best friend!

Please, drop us an email or call if you think you are CAPTAIN enough to take on one of our bold little buccaneers or just have questions.

We sincerely believe you should choose your own puppy or better yet let the puppy pick you!  Sure we could tell you that we will pick the right puppy for you with the right temperament and it certainly would help us sell a lot more puppies.  But the truth is all our puppies are wonderful, sweet & loving because of their historic bloodlines, the exceptional healthy food we feed them & all the exercise and love they get here.  Plus we don’t have to TRY and sell more puppies.  Our puppies sell themselves once you come here and see them and the happy carefree way they are being raised, like all puppies should & deserve to be raised.

We believe that we have the most special mates & beauties available in the Great USA, all of em’ blessed with the original European loving temperament & bloodlines directly from a famous sea faring port in Portugal & world renowned De Gifford Kennel.