Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. Explore. Dream. Discover and get a Pirate Puppy to make you laugh everyday.

Additional information we have found. We don’t always agree with everything we find out there. But it is good to be informed and gather all the information you can from various sites and then make your own decisions.

Male or Female?

I Am Your Puppy

Aquiring a new dog

How to Select a Breeder

Choosing A Healthy Puppy

Choosing Your Puppy

Checklist to have when buying a dog!

Puppy Supplies

What is a Breeder?

Why pay more for a pet puppy?

Think long and hard if you think you want to be a breeder. Can you put your life on hold for a few weeks when necessary. If it is more important for you to go to work or take your kids to school then saving the life of a puppy then you should not even consider it. We always stay with our dogs night and day for at least a week before their due date and at least a week after they deliver.   Are you able to do that?

Worst scenario, something goes wrong with one of the puppies. Ex. Cleft Pallet: Are you able to devote at least the next 2 months with tube feeding every 2, 3 & finally 4 hours round the clock till the puppy can eat hard food or go for an operation if necessary. Do you have the money for operations if need to fix a puppy to make them perfect? Life isn’t easy with very little sleep every day and still having to keep up on your normal routine.

Do you have the know how, determination and financial resources to do things right and become one of the best of the breeders out there? Think about the start up costs alone to do it right. Good quality breeding lines, quality food with lots of home cooking, property for the proper exercise for your dogs and puppies. Time to keep studying and learning any and all new techniques.

Breeding Responsibly

Amateur Breeders

Dog Breeding – Just like Clockwork

Feeding a breeding female or one which is pregnant

Folic Acid and Cleft Palates

Getting started as a responsible breeder

Giving birth to puppies

Handfeeding Infant Puppies

Giving pups a head start

Just One Litter

Orphan puppy care

Progesterone Testing