Would You Like a Trained, House Broken Puppy?

Many people in the past have asked if we would consider keeping their puppy longer and housetraining it for them. Until our daughter moved back here onto our property, it wasn’t an option for us time-wise. Now, with 4 of us working together plus 2 puppy helpers we can offer this option for 1 puppy per litter at an additional price. The price is far from cheap, but well worth the added expense if you don’t have the time to train them correctly yourself. If you are the person that wants a trained puppy but a puppy still young enough to bond well with you, then this is a wonderful option. For $8,000 total for puppy and 8 weeks of training him or her, it is well worth the investment.

Because of our combination of good care and excellent environment, all our puppies are super smart and have fantastic personalities. If you are the lucky one who chooses to have their puppy stay till approximately 12 weeks old, we will begin working with your puppy at 4 weeks old. Between Karen, Mike, Pauli, Jeff and 2 puppy helpers, we will begin spending quality time alone with just your puppy. It is a proven fact that the sooner your puppy begins learning, the smarter he or she will be. We can sight several examples of blind guide dog success rates being much higher starting well before 8 weeks old. Our puppies that are between 4 and 5 weeks old act physically and mentally like puppies that are at least 6 weeks old. Here’s an example. We had a wonderful loving lady looking for a back up service dog to detect seizures. She had her own service dog with her who could detect a seizure about 7 minutes ahead. We had 6 puppies about 5 weeks old for her to work with and to see if she could find one that would be able to let her know before she went into a seizure. She stayed at our guesthouse for several days. She would crawl around on the floor with various combinations of puppies, slowly eliminating them one at a time until she found 2 possibilities. (One her service dog picked and wanted to have as his pet.) By taking fewer medications, she could put herself into small seizures. One little guy was able to know and communicate with her 10 minutes ahead of a seizure. If nothing else, this shows how difficult and time consuming it would be to try and temperament test one of our puppies.

By 8 weeks old the puppy should be house trained. We will do this at 2 different homes. This will ensure that they should not have any trouble making the adjustment to your home if you follow up with everything correctly. Your puppy will be taught all the basic commands: Sit, Stay, Come, and Lie Down. They will be taken on car rides, trained to follow you on long trail walks, and leash trained. In warm weather they will learn to swim and be a faithful companion on your paddleboard or kayak. They will be raised in our own house as if they were our own puppy. Treats and rewards will be given for good behavior. We’ll ignore bad behavior. We’ll all reinforce and reward good behavior. You will need to continue doing and reviewing all this with your puppy once you get them home in order for them to stay trained. But, it is much easier to train a puppy correctly in the beginning then to try and retrain one that was not trained correctly and was allowed to form bad habits.

Way back in the day, since we’re older, we never heard of crate training. Therefore we taught our puppies to be good without using them. That is how we will teach your puppy as well. In addition to the training, you will be provided with a complete DNA testing from Embark with over 175 test results to share with your vet. Second vaccinations will be done at 9 weeks old and rabies and Lyme vaccinations completed before you pick up your happy, healthy puppy. At that point it is up to you to continue with the good work we put into your new wonderful loyal companion.

We realize that it is an investment that needs to be considered carefully. We welcome any questions that you may have and look forward to helping you on this exciting journey with your new family member!