Happy Homes

Here’s what the new owners are saying…

Hello Karen, I have enclosed 2 photos of Splash at one year of age. Splash has so much energy that he keeps us old folks busy! What a wonderful dog. He is so athletic as you can see in the photo of him jumping from one hay bale to another. He certainly is a water lover spending much time under water looking for goodies. What a companion. He wants to be with us constantly and is always laying at or on our feet. If you recall wehave an autistic daughter that he just loves! She can do no wrong in his eyes. He is truly a great addition to our family. We will be thankful when he outgrows his chewing phase and we can have lamps on again in our house. If he is out of sight, he is exploring and often in trouble finding another thing to chew (he is worth it). I hope you have had a good summer and lots of great puppies.
My Best,
Fred Ziegler, Wytheville VA.

Kids and the beach. Let’s go to the beach, ok?

Mollie’s first trip to aspen! She loves the snow!!

More pictures of Mollie:

Hi Karen,
We hope you had a very Merry Christmas!
Here is a picture of our daughter Kirsten with gorgeous Lucky. We can’t imagine life without her. I can’t believe she will be 1 year old in a couple weeks. She is definitely the center of our world. ( our daugher has 187 pictures of Lucky on her phone, our boys have a few less) She is such a joy to be around. We have met so many new people on our walks around town that have dogs and have now become friends. She was spayed in September and also had her duclaws removed. She proved to be Houdini and ripped out her stitches with the cone on in her exercise pen while I was taking a shower. We gave her the largest cone they make and she was still able to get at her stitches (even with the obsessive owner watching almost every minute). Poor Lucky ended up in the cone over 3 weeks but finally healed successfully. She even likes going back to the vet.
Lucky gets to meet up with Harley (the Silverman’s dog) pretty frequently. She sees various doggie friends every day and we are contemplating adding a dog sibling. Lucky is such a sweetheart and always has kisses for everyone. She is the friendliest dog around. I find that we talk more about the dog than our kids : )
Lucky is better than we could have ever imagined.
Happy New Year!
-Cherie and Rob

I had to send you this picture of Coal. My children dressed up like HarryPotter Characters, so we decided to dress Coal up too.
Cary Bianculli

Today is Luna’s first birthday and I wanted to share some pics. She is a wonderful addition to the family! We could not be more happy! Hope all is well, good luck with the next litter, Dave

Hi Karen,Since picking up Gunner almost 3 weeks ago he has weathered a hurricane, evacuation to Maryland after we lost power for 10 days, his first snow storm, and then back to his new home. Despite all this he has done incredibly well with his training and his adjustment. He is such a pleasure and everyone who meets him just falls in love. Here’s a picture of him sitting on a downed tree after the storm. We couldn’t be happier with him. Thanks again.
David Steinke

We recently took Chessie down to OC MD where she got her first experiences in the bay and ocean. We already knew she loved the water from the shallow creek on our property, but she is a water NUT! She is so energetic, smart and funny that we are loving every minute with her. A few pictures are attached.
Mike & Stef Hanlon

Jack the frisbee boy
Thought you might like to see how pretty our frisbee boy is. He can carry 6 of these at a time. He goes through the yard and stacks them in his mouth to bring back for me to throw to him! Happy Thanksgiving and hope you made it to HI safely. Carla J

Thought you would laugh at this. We took her to Hayward, WI for a big cross country ski race Sue did. Stayed at a friends cabin. She loves snow!! Buries her head!!!so funny!!


Dear Karen
Here I am, ready for Halloween at the beach.
I’ve been to school and am almost ready for my KGC test (almost).
I get to go to daycare and play with my friends on some days when mom and dad work.
We have moved to the beach full time to take care of my grandmother, she has learned to give me a gentle nudge with her walker if I’m in her way. I’m learning where not to be. I try yo help and supervise her activities as much as I can.
I love playing with children.
I miss my yard, but the beach is even better. I swim and play frisbee with dad almost every day and have learned to put the frisbee s back in the box when the game is finished. I’m getting really good at mid air catches and water retrieval.
Mom makes me behave very obediently on our neighborhood walks.
I have a life jacket for boating, of course I don’t need it, but they say it would help them fish me out if I was overboard.
I also have a back pack to help carrying some of the veges at the farmers market.
I love my brother Captain Jack, but we always seem to want the same toy at the same time.
I try not to play too hard with the cats, but they do tease me and like to play chase and smack face.
I weigh exactly 60 lbs and my doctor says I’m just right. She is nice.
My groomer studied moms book because she’d never done PWD cuts before. She does great, she’s an old friend of moms.
I hope pictures come through, let me know if they don’t. That’s me on MY porch.
Love, Zeke

Glad to hear from you! We love Mandy! I attached a photo of her in July in Canada and two from her birthday Oct 17th here at home in Ohio when she just couldn’t resist a swim! She loves to swim, is very loving and very energetic.We hope you have a Blessed Christmas, Michael and Laura Tradowsky

Lotus is great! She is so smart! What a personality? She trains sooooooo well with the clicker. My previous baby took 3 times longer to get it. Lotus is brilliant. She is beautiful. People stop us all the time to ask us about her. She still pees when she sees me if I’ve been away from her for awhile. It is nice to have someone love you so much. I didn’t realize how much healing she would help me thru.
But, it did take 2.5 hours to get a picture with the kids and her for our christmas card. When she wants to play, she wants to play. Mattox is bummed that he can no longer out run her; she is fast! If you ask her where someone in the family is, by name, she will find them in the house. What a great tracker.
She found our fox den, the groundhog den, several mice nests and a couple of other holes I’m not sure what or who lives in. I get a little worried about her irritating someone and getting clawed or bit. She is hard to distract once she is on a mission.
She loves to fetch balls. She is so funny! I threw for over an hour yesterday and my arm is killing me and she never tired (I was trying to wear her out because we had to go to Philly and we would be gone for over 3 hours). She is great with the kids. She can knock Mattox down when she is trying to get the frisbee or ball, but he is working on making her wait, she is working on the excitement level.
We are a happier house because of her. I love letting her run for the kids when the bus comes in the afternoon. She sees the bus and goes nuts. The kids are so excited to be greeted with that amount of love. Thank you. I will attach some pictures.
I took over 300 pictures to get one good one for the Christmas card. She doesn’t get the concept of sitting still until after a picture is taken.

We just came in from running around in the fenced pool area! Kendall is beside herself distracted-I have to keep reminding her to get back to her school work. Mattox and Lyric came home from soccer yesterday and we almost made it upstairs to shower before Lotus (she whines for me when she hears me talk) started the howl/whine and the jig was up! Matt and Lyric came running into the kitchen. They LOVE their puppy. She is SOOOOO smart. She has had a couple of accidents but it is because she is a puppy. She such a snuggle bunny. I was up a lot with her last night. Stinker slept a couple hours this morning when I had to get going and get the kids to orchestra etc. We are SOOO blessed! Thank you. Mattox, on the way to school this morning, said she had blue eyes like Daddy. Will her eyes stay blue? We were so busy having fun I forgot to video tape it.
Thank you!


Thanks for the great idea! Aesop LOVES the water, and I can’t stop him from jumping into any fountain, pond, ocean, etc. He’s quite an expert swimmer… amazingly fast! Recently, he has started to avoid the bathtub (weird because he used to jump in the tub and bark at me to turn on the water). I put a no-slip pad in the bottom and that helps a little, but a bath of cheeseballs I’m sure will do the trick.
Glad to hear your dogs are as spoiled as mine ;). I started buying whatever fresh meat was on sale at the butcher because the vet told me it would help with itchy skin – we had a LONG, dry summer out here! Amazing difference – and when I cost it out and buy in quantities, it’s not much more expensive than a high quality dog food. Everytime I chop up some veggies for my own dinner, I also throw the leftovers in a blender with an egg and chicken broth and freeze them in ice cube trays – adding a couple cubes to his meat.
So aside from the inevitable giardia (pretty much drinks from every puddle he can find), he’s been growing (and growing still) and very healthy. 59lbs at his first birthday!
I’m thinking of planning a vacation at one of your rentals perhaps over spring break. Will be in touch.
All the best,

Hi Karen, MikeI’ve attached a couple of new pics of Cinder in our South Carolina home. Cinder & I have moved, Jody is selling the house in PA. We hope to get her here soon. Cinder is at 50lbs and sweet as can be, what a great dog. Everybody loves her. We have some friends who may be interested a PWD pup. They keep asking to baby sit, but I don’t think we’ll get her back if we let them. They love her. They had to put their dog down a few months ago. They want to do a little traveling for 6 months or so, then get a pup. They are neighbors to the PWD we fell for 10 years ago. Do you know when you may be breeding Sailor or Diablo in the next year?
Take care,
Vic Chapman

Holly getting ready to play with the water babies!

Prince Henry the Navigator
Henry is about to celebrate his third birthday on August 20th and he has definitely improved with age. He continues to be a very outgoing dog on the one hand and very sensitive and sweet. Our community in Edgewater, MD, London Towne Community had a pet show on Sunday. Much to my surprise Henry walked a away with the Best in Show.

Barkley from Molly and Fisher from Violet
Hi Karen! It’s been awhile since I’ve checked in and thought since both our boys are turning 2 this week it would be a great time to catch up.
Barkley, Molly’s pup, is our protector. He likes everyone to be accounted for and keeps a clsoe watch on all the family. He is 90 pounds, an expert counter surfer and the more mellow of the two.
Fisher, Violet’s pup, is our athlete and our genius. He is 58 pounds of energy and there’s no trouble he can’t find.
They are both absolutely beautiful, lovable and I can’t imagine life without them. I am still hoping to get a little girl soon. I would love a white one to give us a little variety. We are currently looking at being relocated for my husband’s job and as soon as we’re settled I am going to get my girl!!
Fisher is a wonderful addition. He and Barkley are so different and both so exceptional in their own ways. They are most certainly the cutest, smartest and most cherished pups ever!

Marlie turned 1 year old on Thursday! She’s had a wonderful first year and we love her to bits!!! She’s a true Water Dog and our biggest challenge now is getting her to come out of the water! She has spent her summer either on our boat or in her grandparents pool. I thought you might enjoy some photos. She wants to ask that you pleeeze not tell her friends her parents make a water dog wear a life jacket! 🙂
Lori Kaplan

And here’s a letter from Peabody – the puppy that went to Virginia this spring:
“Dear Karen,Thought I’d give you an update on my life here in Virginia. It sure is a good thing that you sent me here to my new family because they needed some serious attitude adjustment. Talk about boooring…WOW. But after a couple of months I am starting to see some progress with them and I think they are going to turn into a pretty good family as long as I keep them busy and remain attentive. I mean really..when I got here they had this boring white carpet all over the place. I tried my darndest to liven it up by piddling on it and adding some design but my mom just kept steam cleaning my art work away. So I have decided not to waste my efforts and do my business outside like my brother does.
Speaking of my brother…now there was a dude that needed some serious excitement in his life. He just lay around and waited for the next dinner. I took care of that problem post haste. I have to follow him around and nip at him a lot but he now runs and wrestles and plays with our toys with me. Thank goodness. I’ve even taught him some new tricks. He can now run an entire roll of toilet paper through the house almost as fast as I can. My dad says he is going to by a pallet of it from Costco…isn’t that great. I also have taught Merlin, that’s my brother, how to open cabinet doors. Can you believe he didn’t know how to do that? SHEESH. He and I have started a running club for the boys in the neighborhood. Hobbs, that’s the 1 year old Wheaton next door, runs with us as does Travis the golden down the street. Pepper the black lab doesn’t run but just hangs around. What would you expect of a dumb girl? The grown ups watch us with this dumb look on their faces. So what did they think dogs did, plant flowers and listen to music.
Speaking of girls, the girl child who used to live here, she came with Mom and Dad to pick me up, keeps the door to her room closed. But I was able to sneak in the other day and the weirdest thing. She has all of these animals, that are stuffed locked in there. But every chance I get, I go rescue them and take them downstairs so that they can be free. Sometimes it’s hard because they are bigger than me, but I think it’s my humanitarian duty.
Now my mom is a real strange one. She spends a lot of time on her computer but when I try to help her by chewing on it, she tells me NO. I am sure I could really help if she’d just chill out a bit. Her favorite word is NO…I still haven’t figured out how to stop her from saying that all of the time. In fact, I think she may have a stuttering problem because sometimes she says NO..NO..NO…NO..NO. I suspect I am going to take her to see someone about it. Not only that but she and Dad have this room off of the room with the bed that is packed with shoes. Talk about heaven. When they leave the door open I can sneak in and take whatever shoe I want and put it wherever I want. Mom has this one pair of slippers that are so ugly I have made it my mission to destroy. Can you imagine how embarrassed I’d be if she actually went out with me in those ugly things. I wouldn’t be able to show my face in public for a month. Speaking of my face..I have included a couple of my latest photos. I am turning into quite the stud if I say so myself. I need to be careful not to say stud too loud around here, the dog up the street said that word and now he is wearing a lamp shade on his head and he is so grumpy I am staying way clear of him. Not sure what that is all about. The grown-ups just smile knowingly like they have a secret. HMM.
Well anyhow..just wanted you to know that I think I’ll stay here with Mom and Dad and Merlin. The food is pretty good, I get to sleep in the big bed with Mom and Dad, the girl child is coming home soon and they are now talking about some boy child coming home from the Army. Now that sounds like some serious fun. Peabody.”

Update from Peabody
“Karen, Mom is so psyched about the puppy and daddy has gotten a bit better and decided that she needs a dog “just like Peabody”. She has already bought the training kennel, toys, food, bowl leash and collar and my nephew is coming in to lay the invisible fence. She is fervently hoping she can get one of Diablo and Dylan’s pups because she is convinced the reason Peebers is so wonderful is because of Diablo. She is hooked into your website watching for the birth. We’ve found a trainer and her biggest worry is how to get there to pick up the pup. So what i am telling you is if you need the deposit to hold on the the dog just call. I am at Mom’s now, will be gone for a couple weeks and then back for a month but if you need to call, call her at 843.768.4266. It’s her dog after all.

Dear Karen,I just wanted to drop a line and say how absolutely crazy we are about Beanz. He is just the best dog ever. Loving, funny, smart, gorgeous, friendly…..I could go on and on. We walk in the State park near our house close two to three times a day. He is such a great joy. Here is a most recent photo of our 29.9 pounds of love.We thank you for this great gift.xo, Laura & John

Hi Karen, I just wanted to let you know that we LOVE our puppy!! Kobe is practically house broken and will sit on command.
Everything is going well. He has really bonded with the boys.The kids adore him; they give him plenty of love and lots of playing time. This is a picture of Kobe (Hercules) with his new buddy. He has taken to this stuffed gorilla and takes naps on/against it. Today is my first day back at work since we got him, I miss him already.
Thanks and have a great day,
Chris and Dawn

Hello. Gunner is doing great. He was depressed his first night but bounced back the second day. He’s a very smart boy and already house trained. No accidents so far. He crys at night, but less every night. Last night he made it through from 10 to 5:00. He loves his backyard and very good on the leash. He loves chasing the kids around the backyard and is already a soccer start. It started raining here and he didn’t mind going out in the rain. He is a water dog. Thank you for such a smart loving little boy. We are so happy.

Cinder is doing absolutely perfectly! We are elated with everything about her. Smart, sweet, calm, and very socially relaxed around our good friends adult dogs, who were quite taken with her as well. We are loving her to pieces. We are so happy & grateful to have found you guys. Thanks a million!”
Jody & Vic

Genoa one of Caley’s pups traveling around the world in a 65 ft. Navy boat.
Genoa had her first ride in the skiff and was great. Looking at pelicans, seals and seagulls was great fun. Then we went across from our boat to the beach and she swam and ran and dug forever! She got into the sea dye (what you use to mark if you fall overboard) and came in with a very cool green nose!”
Hi there. This marina in Ensenada is really secure and the people have been great. Genoa is growing and is so cool. She was at the vet in San Diego for her health certificate and weighed 43#. Her white feet are just a few white feathers, still has a white chest and beard. She has grown a rusty, brown mustache that is so cute! The vet loved her so much she started researching PWDs. I sent her all your information. She and Clint just left for a walk and she gets so excited when she sees the leash come out! I’m attaching a few photos. The first one she was looking over the side, which she loves to do, when she was saying goodbye to San Diego. The second is when she went for her first walk in Ensenada on the breakwater and the third is getting a solar shower. We enjoy her so much!
Take care, Deb

Chessie is very energetic, playful and a mooch when it comes to food. During her active periods (wild puppy time) she loves to have something in her mouth. All in all, we are having a great time with her and she is adapting and learning very quickly.”

Harley is AWESOME! She is fun, and loving and playful. We have taught her to sit and she is basically housebroken. And she sleeps from 10pm-7am, without a peep. Couldn’t ask for a better puppy. And she is ADORABLE! She looks like a teddy bear. I meet with the trainer again this week to learn some new things. I will keep you updated.

Texas pups – Malbec, Otis and Sophie
Hi Karen, how are you doing? Sophie and I were at a winery yesterday afternoon and she received soooooooooo many compliments on how beautiful she is and how well behaved she is. One couple, who just lost their beloved Golden Retriever in December, asked for your information, so I gave her your name and your obxrentals email. I hope that was the right process for someone to get in touch with you. Sophie is doing great.. She is approaching 10 months old, she is still only 32 pounds (although she {and I} both look pretty hefty in this picture from yesterday afternoon) Sophie and i have started obedience training classes and she is the star of the class……….as long as i have cheese and puppy treats for her!!!Malbec and Otis are doing great… they are almost 3 years old (in August) and they are turning into wonderful little gentlemen!!Malbec’s FAVORITE thing is now to play fetch!! and Otis…just wants to socialize with people or other pups!I hope you are all good and life is treating you well!
Talk soon!

Hi Karen,
I wanted to send you these pictures of Sophie. She was able to jump right into intermediate training at pet smart (skipping basic training). She did FANTASTIC.. she walks on a leash better, comes when I call her, and she can stay still during a lot of distractions (well, except around Otis and Malbec.. she just can’t help but get up and play with them). Next we start advance training and when we are done with that, we are going to try to take the Good Canine Citizenship test.. this will allow us to visit schools, nursing homes and hospitals. .. Or it will just prove how wonderful Sophie is and we can forget about the schools, nursing homes and hospitals. :-)The first picture is of Sophie shaking hands while she gets her diploma, the second (is a bit fuzzy but you will get the idea) is of Sophie in her graduation hat. Anyway she is a joy and I just had to share this with you. Otis and Malbec are still the best boyfriends of my life and I can’t wait to come home everyday and rub bellies and scratch ears!
I hope you and your family are doing well.
Let us know if you ever come to Texas!!

Abby (Thor and Diabolo’s puppy)
Abby (Thor and Diabolo’s puppy) is growing every day, I think. She is so much fun. The housebreaking is going well. She goes without fail to the door to ask to go out. She has learned to sit (I think I told you that already). She “shakes” her paw, and we worked on lying down this morning.She picks everything I teach her up so fast with the exception of biting. That is much better everyday though/ She has so much spunk. She is trying to rule the whole house. I have been taking her on long walks (for 9 weeks olds & 65 year olds). She does so well. She prances along like a big dog. In case you can’t tell, we are really gone on this pup. Again thank you so much. We know Abby is a great pup because of the wonderful start she had.

Abby at 5 month
Dear Karen,
I thought you might like to see our beautiful little girl. She is a real joy. She is 19-1/2 inches at the shoulders and 25 lbs. We are constantly hearing such raves over how pretty she is. I have passed your name on to interested people many times. Bruce and I laugh that we are now known in the neighborhood as Abby’s parents. She is perfectly housebroken and making progress on heeling only with lapses over birds and blowing leaves. I have taught her about 10 tricks which only take about 3 or 4 times of showing her what I want her to do. She is one smart little girl. We are really smitten as you can probably tell. Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.
Abby is getting so big. She wants to herd us all the time, but is really coming along with her training. I would say she is well on her way to being house-broken. We took her to her first obedience class. She did very well because she already knows the first commands they teach. I had wanted to mainly teach her social skills, but she wanted nothing to do with the other puppies in her class.When her class was almost over, another PWD (5mos.) came in. Abby wanted to run visit with her right away. We have decided that she is just a snob. Seriously, the other PWD looked almost exactly like Diabalo. I guess she still remembers Mama.We really love her. She is adorable, very smart and so good.
Thank you again,

Our puppy (Grace) is doing great.
Grace had her vet visit on Friday and gained 2lbs. She seems to have adjusted really nicely. After a few days she began sleeping through the night. My children’s allergies have been great. I only see a reaction when they are licked. She really enjoys eating sticks…
We are enjoying her very much and look forward to the happiness she will continue to bring to our family. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and speak with you soon.
Jennifer Deans

ZAZA living in Mexico City
Hi Karen!We arrived yesterday to Mexico City from NY. This is ZAZA getting to know her new garden/ playground. She behaved incredibly, in NY and on the plane! She is happy with all the attention and I hope she gets used to her new life quickly.Enrique Landa

Miss Lola
Hi Karen & Mike ,
Well here is our snow bunny – Miss Lola !
She is our beautiful, clever little girl and only after 3 weeks she has reached many milestones ………
Met her new vet Dr Sheldon, had her shots, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning – not even a whimper ! Off to the park to meet new friends on her lead, sleeps all night 10-6.30am in her crate, rings the bells on the door to let us know she wants to go outside to potty or play, sits, begs and generally just looks adorable.
She starts puppy preschool in 3 weeks, so excited to meet new puppy friends in our area …
Her and Aidan are best friends and play tag in the garden which is hilarious, she is Daddy’s little girl and my sweet companion following me around the house and sitting on my feet whenever I sit down .
Hope all is well with you, please give Diabolo a kiss from us
Michelle, Mark, Aidan & Lola

Hello KarenI wanted to check in and let you know that Stella is doing very well. She is definitely a very smart and strong headed pup, we love her! She can sit, shake and lay down. We are still perfecting stay and come. I thought you’d get a kick out of the fact that Stella is a Cover Girl. I work for a mail order apparel company and Stella is going to be featured on the cover of our March 2011 catalog.
Best Regards,
Ed Munch

Dear Karen,Steve took Bay (Thor and Molly’s puppy) duck hunting with him today, not really expecting him to do anything, just wanted the company. Bay has no training, has never been hunting or around guns or ducks before. However his retrieving ability is incredible, he lives for it. He retrieved every duck that Steve shot. The gun never fazed him. And all of his retrievals were made out of the duck blind. Steve’s cousin joined them, he also trains labs to duck hunt. He was blown away by Bay’s performance. He said that people pay a lot of money to train dogs to do that and they have to begin training when they are very young puppies. Considering that Bay is 2 and a family pet, he said it was nothing short of amazing! So Steve is quite puffed up and proud about all of this! I’m proud as well, a little shocked. I didn’t expect him to know what to do and be brilliant at it immediately! It’s just incredible how strong some instincts are!
Take care,

Hello Karen,
I’m writing to you about our wonderful dog, Tailer. He is from Riley Rose’s Jan. 11, 2010 litter. He gets daily vigorous exercise and he is very happy. He goes on March 12 for his therapy dog certification test to hopefully become certified with Therapy Dogs International. We’re very excited and sure that he will pass with flying colors. We’ve been working on this since the first day we brought him home, and now that he’s 13 months old, he’s ready. He really is an exceptional dog and we would like to thank you. We will let you know how the test goes. Also, I have a friend who is interested in getting a Portie and I would love for her to have one of your puppies. She would like to get one this spring. Do you have any litters coming up? Her name is Alison from Burlington, CT. I’m sure you will be hearing from her soon.
Sarah Ludecke

-Riley’s puppy
Here is Ryder on June 10th.He is a cutie and we love him!

Puppy Otis is great. We love him dearly and he is keeping us busy as bees. Can tell he is a very smart boy and trying work with him and fill up his spongy brain. Thanks for the tip on the teething b/c he does seem to have a large need for chewing/biting. He loves the corn on the cob too!

Our Nessie is an absolute joy. Sweet and dear and loving and naughty! Every thing you would want from a puppy….well, she is a young lady now. Almost 18 months old. She has taken over our home and our hearts. She loves the beach and the water and the SNOW. She is a perfect size (just about 40 lbs) and is healthy and happy. A fairly good listener. She loves to please us, but sometimes likes to push the rules! A typical teenager : )

Hello Karen…
Wow…I am tired but a good tired and we all TRULY love Molly and Thor’s awesome puppy that the we chose! He is SUPER smart…he goes potty for me on the cue and takes a little bit longer with the kids, but is loving life! He has been on car rides since we drove him home from picking him up at your house and has been a dream; no sickness and good listener!
He does though, love our Erin ( 9 yr old ) and truly believes she is one from his litter; we do remind her not to run or jump to rescue herself from his little sharp teeth…but, it’s fun for both Erin and Keno and he listens to the rest of us when to stop….and then, like a light switch going on and off he is down snuggling with her and the boys 🙂
He went to his 1st soccer game of Erin’s yesterday and will be going to John’s Senior Day Lacrosse game on Wednesday; weather permitting. He doesn’t seem to mind the storms and rain. Last night he slept 6 1/2 hrs for me….us…in our room with Erin on a twin mattress next to Keno in his open crate/bed.
Today, the kids ran up our driveway; he loved it and ran down after them…I was worried he was going to tumble down head first but he managed. We can only imagine how super fast he will be shortly!! He also sits at our pantry door and “barks/cries” for a bisquet….
Today was also his first day we put his soft bed in the crate in our kitchen with it open…he goes in all on his own when he is tired and I always make sure his toy that we took home from your house is with him 🙂
Hope today’s pick up went well and all others as well….he’s got great spunk and we love it 🙂
Thank you-
Elizabeth and John

Things have finally calmed down enough around here that I can write you about Olive’s first couple weeks. First, the drive home went very well. She had no accidents in the car and actually slept most of the way along with Jess (see photo of her sleeping). When she was awake she was just taking it all in. Once we got her home she found her downstairs bed in the family room and right away crawled right in. The first couple of nights were rough. We have a crate in our room close to our bed and she did not want to stay in there so I ended up sleeping on the floor with her for the first 3 or 4 nights. We opted to get a bed with sides for her crate, much like her bed downstairs, and that made a lot of difference. She started sleeping in her crate no problem and now goes 4 hours before waking up to go to the bathroom at night.
House training during the day has been a little challenging although I think she is doing very well. I would say she is about 90% at this point as the last couple of days she has only had one maybe two accidents a day (occasionally my fault as I don’t get her out the door quick enough), however I must say she has gone a day or two accident free. We went to the vet yesterday to get her second round of shots and she was an excellent patient. She met a very large male dog in the waiting room and has very good dog interaction skills – they got along great. All of the staff there loved her, she was a hit.Jess and I couldn’t be happier with her. We like to say she goes from lazy to crazy haha. She is extremely lovable and playful. She plays fetch flawlessly and we were doing that only about 5 days into having her. She knows her name already and is attentive when you call her. She knows how to get up the steps but hasn’t mastered going down them, which is fine for a little bit longer – better safe than sorry. We are getting over the urge to bite hands, though slowly but surely. She loves to lay on our feet which is great especially in the cold weather. Every day we either bother the geese or spook up a herd of deer as we go for our bathroom break out back, but we are sure to keep our distance. Thank you for making the process enjoyable and for providing a great dog. Photos and a clip of Olive playing with her wipe-off blanket are attached.
Dave and Jess

Zoli was adopted last June, 2009. Karen and her husband run a first-rate kennel. It is a small loving place where the puppies are raised in a wonderfully nurturing, farm-like atmosphere. I admire the commitment of this kennel to taking care of each puppy during the crucial seven to eight weeks after they are born. The pups are able to run around freely, yet safely and not placed in a crate all day. Zoli is a sweet and adorable boy. He is calm as well as energetic. He loves the high energy and it’s important that this breed of dog is exercised each day. Having said this, Zoli is also able to let me do my thing during the day (I am around the house usually writing at the computer). He respects my space as long as he feels he gets attention/exercised at the park around 40 minutes a day. In addition, I usually walk him three to four times a day around a long block in my neighborhood. My job allows me to spend time with Zoli during the day, but there are times when he is on his own for 4 to 5 hours a day. When I am out and about with Zoli, most folks come up to me to ask me about where I got such a wonderful and beautiful dog (both inside and out).”

Chessie arrived home at the Hanlon residence without incident and is adapting quickly to her new environment. We were originally going to name her Jessie, but Morgan (our oldest daughter) has a friend named Jessie – so we went with Chessie (think Chesapeake). Chessie is very energetic and playful and is having a ball exploring around our property and creek. She has slept well both nights and only woke us up once to go potty. We have been taking her for walks in the front part of our property with a leash, but allow her to run freely when we are down at the creek. She is already getting fast, with no fears of stumbling. A true pirate in the making. Thanks for providing us with a new best friend. We are looking forward to many happy years ahead.”Mike, Stef, Morgan and Lauren”Ruby is a love. She is adjusting well and is already adored by our family. Our dogs have yet to figure out that she is staying but I think they will all get along. I was telling my husband about your place and how much he would enjoy the setting. My daughter loved it too. You must enjoy your time there. Thank you for this wonderful dog, she will bring us joy for years.” Tracy O’Toolee

“So far Stella is adjusting to us tremendously. She traveled really well. We stopped for lunch on the way home and found a park. She sat with us while we ate and then we ran around and played with her in the park. She then slept the last two hours of the trip. We got back to Warren around 4pm and went right to our cottage on the river. She met a lot of family members and got along well with everyone. She ventured into the water a little but not too much just up to her belly. She’s now sound asleep next to me on the sofa. Thank you for everything, we love her very much!” Ed”Our trip home yesterday went very smoothly and Cece has been having fun settling into her new home. She already met some of the children’s cousins as well as neighbors and two golden retriever friends. She had a really good first night with us. Thanks so much, she is absolutely the perfect addition to our family.”Ginger

“We are doing great. We named our puppy Max – he is potty trained and we found other PWD in our town. They put us in touch with a trainer who is working with us and the girls. It has been really great since this is our first puppy.”

“Mookie is great. Just had his vet visit, weighed 16 lbs, and had a perfect check up. He is a mama’s boy – a happy, smart & adventurous puppy that loves being trained and quickly masters any trick. Mookie & Melky have exhausting play dates and always need a bath afterwards. Our flower garden has seen better days. Today he is on his way to the beach.”

“Melky had his first visit to the Vet yesterday and was absolutely wonderful. He was unaware that they gave him a shot as he was munching on a gourmet cookie. He sees his brother Mookie once a week to play and they are non stop action during this time. He loves to play and romp in our garden and his beautiful white legs are often black. As a result he gets lots of water time to clean him up. He is ravenously hungry after he wakes up in the am. He is basically house trained which is great. We are training him not to jump and nip (not an easy task.) He gets a lot of love and affection and has taken well to his crate when we have to be in and out of the house. My husband is a sucker for him and it didn’t take long to win his heart. Jim was on the fence about getting the puppy but cooperative. Now he is smitten. Everyone loves Melky. He is the new love of our family. Lots of work and lots of love! We are at the beach this weekend with Melky.”Marilyn”Bella is so adorable, so loved she is so important to our family. We love her so much it’s hard to express in words. Bella is so smart she knows all our names and is very well behaved. It has been a pleasure having her. Thanks again for our giving us such a valued family member! ”

Raquel Yoffie, June 16, 2011
RYDER is the most amazing pup ever. He fits perfectly into our family and community! RYDER is the sweetest dog I have ever met except when he goes on a hyper hour. All in all he has adjusted to his new home and is eager to explore every square inch of our town. Thanks Karen for a new best friend!

Please email us for copies of dozens and dozens of emails from previous owners. It will give you a better insite both good and bad of exactly what you are in for with this most amazing intelligent breed of ancient dogg.

Laura Cawford, July 8, 2012
Dear Karen, Ever since Sugar came into my life Sugar and I have been having lots of love and fun. She is the best and funniest I have ever met. She understands everything I say and is very observant of my feelings and thoughts. I am so glad that Sugar is a part of my family’s life. She can be very funny and crazy. I love her dearly and can not thank you enough. I still remember the day when I came to see Sugar and she cuddled in my lap.
Sincerely, Laura Crawford, Age 10, Ohio

Grace Tortorice, July 6, 2014
In October our puppy, Cooper, will be a year old. It’s crazy how fast he got big. Everyday while out for a walk people ask about him and compliment him. He’s such a delight to have.

2015 Our favorite Christmas Letter this year from 1 year old Shelby, starting from last Dec. and his first Christmas & how all they think.
God, that is Dog spelled backwards. I love the Holidays. So many new things to destroy all over the house. Bowls of crunchy treats left out everywhere for me and my own pee tree, right in the middle of the living room. Awesome! Oh yeah, and then when I thought it was just a tree I wake up Monday morning and find it’s covered in little magic lights and like five million chew toys hanging all over it. Oh..MY..God. All by myself I dismembered five hand crocheted Santa, two plastic Reindeer and a mini Lego Snowman.
(Skipping forward to Nov.) Then came my favorite holiday of the year. The Week After Thanksgiving Holiday Holiday. My humans had a Thanksgiving Dinner for the ages. Nineteen of them took over the house but only ate 17 lbs of the 34 lb turkey. I then spent the next week finishing the other seventeen! God bless those Pilgrims. Now it’s the Holiday’s again. Glittering lights, barrels of eggnog and a nine foot pee tree right in the middle of the living room again. All covered in magic lights and millions of wonderful chew toys. Gotta go, I thank that Nutcracker Guy just fell from the upper branch and needs his arm chewed off.