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Sea Dog Kennel
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 by Lauren

“Melky had his first visit to the Vet yesterday and was absolutely wonderful. He was unaware that they gave him a shot as he was munching on a gourmet cookie. He sees his brother Mookie once a week to play and they are non stop action during this time. He loves to play and romp in our garden and his beautiful white legs are often black. As a result he gets lots of water time to clean him up. He is ravenously hungry after he wakes up in the am. He is basically house trained which is great. We are training him not to jump and nip (not an easy task.) He gets a lot of love and affection and has taken well to his crate when we have to be in and out of the house. My husband is a sucker for him and it didn’t take long to win his heart. Jim was on the fence about getting the puppy but cooperative. Now he is smitten. Everyone loves Melky. He is the new love of our family. Lots of work and lots of love! We are at the beach this weekend with Melky.”Marilyn”Bella is so adorable, so loved she is so important to our family. We love her so much it’s hard to express in words. Bella is so smart she knows all our names and is very well behaved. It has been a pleasure having her. Thanks again for our giving us such a valued family member! ”

 by Joy

“Mookie is great. Just had his vet visit, weighed 16 lbs, and had a perfect check up. He is a mama’s boy – a happy, smart & adventurous puppy that loves being trained and quickly masters any trick. Mookie & Melky have exhausting play dates and always need a bath afterwards. Our flower garden has seen better days. Today he is on his way to the beach.”

 by Kathy

“We are doing great. We named our puppy Max – he is potty trained and we found other PWD in our town. They put us in touch with a trainer who is working with us and the girls. It has been really great since this is our first puppy.”

 by Ginger

“So far Stella is adjusting to us tremendously. She traveled really well. We stopped for lunch on the way home and found a park. She sat with us while we ate and then we ran around and played with her in the park. She then slept the last two hours of the trip. We got back to Warren around 4pm and went right to our cottage on the river. She met a lot of family members and got along well with everyone. She ventured into the water a little but not too much just up to her belly. She’s now sound asleep next to me on the sofa. Thank you for everything, we love her very much!” Ed”Our trip home yesterday went very smoothly and Cece has been having fun settling into her new home. She already met some of the children’s cousins as well as neighbors and two golden retriever friends. She had a really good first night with us. Thanks so much, she is absolutely the perfect addition to our family.”

 by Tracy O’Toolee

“Chessie arrived home at the Hanlon residence without incident and is adapting quickly to her new environment. We were originally going to name her Jessie, but Morgan (our oldest daughter) has a friend named Jessie – so we went with Chessie (think Chesapeake). Chessie is very energetic and playful and is having a ball exploring around our property and creek. She has slept well both nights and only woke us up once to go potty. We have been taking her for walks in the front part of our property with a leash, but allow her to run freely when we are down at the creek. She is already getting fast, with no fears of stumbling. A true pirate in the making. Thanks for providing us with a new best friend. We are looking forward to many happy years ahead.”Mike, Stef, Morgan and Lauren”Ruby is a love. She is adjusting well and is already adored by our family. Our dogs have yet to figure out that she is staying but I think they will all get along. I was telling my husband about your place and how much he would enjoy the setting. My daughter loved it too. You must enjoy your time there. Thank you for this wonderful dog, she will bring us joy for years.” Tracy O’Toolee

 by Sharlene

Zoli was adopted last June, 2009. Karen and her husband run a first-rate kennel. It is a small loving place where the puppies are raised in a wonderfully nurturing, farm-like atmosphere. I admire the commitment of this kennel to taking care of each puppy during the crucial seven to eight weeks after they are born. The pups are able to run around freely, yet safely and not placed in a crate all day. Zoli is a sweet and adorable boy. He is calm as well as energetic. He loves the high energy and it’s important that this breed of dog is exercised each day. Having said this, Zoli is also able to let me do my thing during the day (I am around the house usually writing at the computer). He respects my space as long as he feels he gets attention/exercised at the park around 40 minutes a day. In addition, I usually walk him three to four times a day around a long block in my neighborhood. My job allows me to spend time with Zoli during the day, but there are times when he is on his own for 4 to 5 hours a day. When I am out and about with Zoli, most folks come up to me to ask me about where I got such a wonderful and beautiful dog (both inside and out).”

 by Dave and Jess

Things have finally calmed down enough around here that I can write you about Olive’s first couple weeks. First, the drive home went very well. She had no accidents in the car and actually slept most of the way along with Jess (see photo of her sleeping). When she was awake she was just taking it all in. Once we got her home she found her downstairs bed in the family room and right away crawled right in. The first couple of nights were rough. We have a crate in our room close to our bed and she did not want to stay in there so I ended up sleeping on the floor with her for the first 3 or 4 nights. We opted to get a bed with sides for her crate, much like her bed downstairs, and that made a lot of difference. She started sleeping in her crate no problem and now goes 4 hours before waking up to go to the bathroom at night.
House training during the day has been a little challenging although I think she is doing very well. I would say she is about 90% at this point as the last couple of days she has only had one maybe two accidents a day (occasionally my fault as I don’t get her out the door quick enough), however I must say she has gone a day or two accident free. We went to the vet yesterday to get her second round of shots and she was an excellent patient. She met a very large male dog in the waiting room and has very good dog interaction skills – they got along great. All of the staff there loved her, she was a hit.Jess and I couldn’t be happier with her. We like to say she goes from lazy to crazy haha. She is extremely lovable and playful. She plays fetch flawlessly and we were doing that only about 5 days into having her. She knows her name already and is attentive when you call her. She knows how to get up the steps but hasn’t mastered going down them, which is fine for a little bit longer – better safe than sorry. We are getting over the urge to bite hands, though slowly but surely. She loves to lay on our feet which is great especially in the cold weather. Every day we either bother the geese or spook up a herd of deer as we go for our bathroom break out back, but we are sure to keep our distance. Thank you for making the process enjoyable and for providing a great dog. Photos and a clip of Olive playing with her wipe-off blanket are attached.

 by Elizabeth and John
Molly and Thor’s awesome puppy

Hello Karen…
Wow…I am tired but a good tired and we all TRULY love Molly and Thor’s awesome puppy that the we chose! He is SUPER smart…he goes potty for me on the cue and takes a little bit longer with the kids, but is loving life! He has been on car rides since we drove him home from picking him up at your house and has been a dream; no sickness and good listener!
He does though, love our Erin ( 9 yr old ) and truly believes she is one from his litter; we do remind her not to run or jump to rescue herself from his little sharp teeth…but, it’s fun for both Erin and Keno and he listens to the rest of us when to stop….and then, like a light switch going on and off he is down snuggling with her and the boys 🙂
He went to his 1st soccer game of Erin’s yesterday and will be going to John’s Senior Day Lacrosse game on Wednesday; weather permitting. He doesn’t seem to mind the storms and rain. Last night he slept 6 1/2 hrs for me….us…in our room with Erin on a twin mattress next to Keno in his open crate/bed.
Today, the kids ran up our driveway; he loved it and ran down after them…I was worried he was going to tumble down head first but he managed. We can only imagine how super fast he will be shortly!! He also sits at our pantry door and “barks/cries” for a bisquet….
Today was also his first day we put his soft bed in the crate in our kitchen with it open…he goes in all on his own when he is tired and I always make sure his toy that we took home from your house is with him 🙂
Hope today’s pick up went well and all others as well….he’s got great spunk and we love it 🙂
Thank you-
Elizabeth and John

 by Anonymous
Our Nessie is an absolute joy

Our Nessie is an absolute joy. Sweet and dear and loving and naughty! Every thing you would want from a puppy….well, she is a young lady now. Almost 18 months old. She has taken over our home and our hearts. She loves the beach and the water and the SNOW. She is a perfect size (just about 40 lbs) and is healthy and happy. A fairly good listener. She loves to please us, but sometimes likes to push the rules! A typical teenager : )

 by Suzanne
Puppy Otis

Puppy Otis is great. We love him dearly and he is keeping us busy as bees. Can tell he is a very smart boy and trying work with him and fill up his spongy brain. Thanks for the tip on the teething b/c he does seem to have a large need for chewing/biting. He loves the corn on the cob too!

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