Basic Canine Medical Information
Animal Disaster Preparedness
Heimlich for animals
Plants That Are Toxic To Dogs
Vetinfo-Toxins (poisons) That Affect Dogs
Important artical on Diatomaceous Earth before ever considering using it.
Animal Assisted Therapy for Substance Abuse and Addiction.
Flying with Animals.

Airborne Allergies
Alphabetical Index A – M – Dog info
Alphabetical Index N – Z – Dog info
American Heartworm Society
Arthritis & CHD supplementing
Arthritis in Pets
Bladder Stones
Bloat in dogs
Bloat in dogs
Bloat Study
Cancer in dogs
Canine Geriatrics
Canine Hip Dysplasia
Chronic Steroid Use
Cold/Limbertail 2
Cold/Limbertail Update, July 2004
Cold weather complications
Common Drugs and Nutraceuticals for Dogs
Common Drugs Prescribed for dogs
Conditioning the Canine Athlete
Consultant – look up symptoms and see what it points to. From Cornell.
CCL Tears in Labrador Retrievers
Diseases by name
Dog Crud
Drugs & Pregnancy
Dry Eye in dogs (Keratoconjunctivitis sicca KCS )
Ear Wash
Encyclopedia of Canine Veterinary Medical Information
Epilepsy in dogs
First Aid Kit
Food Allergies
Food Allergies 3
Gundog Doc – Your online source for Gun Dog Health
Handfeeding Infant Puppies
Heartworm, The Whole Story
Hip & Elbow Dysplasia Resources
Holistic and Alternative Veterinary Medicine
Hormonal Disorders
Hot Weather Care
Ins & Outs of Puppy Vulvas
Itch Relief
Kidney Disease & Skin Disorders
Kidney Failure
Mast Cell Tumors in Labradors
Panosteitis (growing pains)
Physical Aids for Dogs
Preventing Health & Safety Crisis
ProHeart 6 (please do NOT use this product)
Reading Laboratory Tests in dogs
Reading Lab tests 2
Seizure First Aid
Senior dog care
Skin problems in dogs
Skin & allergy problems in dogs
Spondylosis (arthritis in the back)
Spondylosis 2
Spondylosis 3
Summer Safety for your Dog
Taking a dog’s temperature
Tetanus in dogs
Things Your Home Should Never Be Without
Transitional Cell Carcinoma
TVD – Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia (January 2003)
TVD Update (July 2004)
Urinary & Bladder problems in dogs
Urinary tract problems
Vaccination articles
Veterinary Information Index
Veterinary Procedures and Laboratory Tests
Vomiting & Diarrhea
When its time to say goodbye
Zoonotic Disease (What you Can/Cannot Catch From Pet)