A old story but ture that may help you understand a PWD better.

A Doberman, a Poodle and a Portuguese Water Dog died and are standing in front of God at the entrance to the kindom of heaven.  God asks them all what they believe in?

The Doberman says, “I believe in discipline, training and loyalty to my owner.”  “Good,” says God, “take a seat on my right side.”

“Poodle, what doyou beleve in?” asked God.     The Poodle answers, “I believe in love and care from my owner as well as peace in the world.”  “Ah God says, “You can take a seat to my left side.”

Then he looked at the PWD.  “And what do you believe in?”  The PWD stood there, looked at him and answered, I believe you’re sitting in my seat!”


Basic Canine Medical Information
Animal Disaster Preparedness
Heimlich for animals
Plants That Are Toxic To Dogs
Vetinfo-Toxins (poisons) That Affect Dogs
Important artical on Diatomaceous Earth before ever considering using it.
Animal Assisted Therapy for Substance Abuse and Addiction.
Flying with Animals.

Airborne Allergies
Alphabetical Index A – M – Dog info
Alphabetical Index N – Z – Dog info
American Heartworm Society
Arthritis & CHD supplementing
Arthritis in Pets
Bladder Stones
Bloat in dogs
Bloat in dogs
Bloat Study
Cancer in dogs
Canine Geriatrics
Canine Hip Dysplasia
Chronic Steroid Use
Cold/Limbertail 2
Cold/Limbertail Update, July 2004
Cold weather complications
Common Drugs and Nutraceuticals for Dogs
Common Drugs Prescribed for dogs
Conditioning the Canine Athlete
Consultant – look up symptoms and see what it points to. From Cornell.
CCL Tears in Labrador Retrievers
Diseases by name
Dog Crud
Drugs & Pregnancy
Dry Eye in dogs (Keratoconjunctivitis sicca KCS )
Ear Wash
Encyclopedia of Canine Veterinary Medical Information
Epilepsy in dogs
First Aid Kit
Food Allergies
Food Allergies 3
Gundog Doc – Your online source for Gun Dog Health
Handfeeding Infant Puppies
Heartworm, The Whole Story
Hip & Elbow Dysplasia Resources
Holistic and Alternative Veterinary Medicine
Hormonal Disorders
Hot Weather Care
Ins & Outs of Puppy Vulvas
Itch Relief
Kidney Disease & Skin Disorders
Kidney Failure
Mast Cell Tumors in Labradors
Panosteitis (growing pains)
Physical Aids for Dogs
Preventing Health & Safety Crisis
ProHeart 6 (please do NOT use this product)
Reading Laboratory Tests in dogs
Reading Lab tests 2
Seizure First Aid
Senior dog care
Skin problems in dogs
Skin & allergy problems in dogs
Spondylosis (arthritis in the back)
Spondylosis 2
Spondylosis 3
Summer Safety for your Dog
Taking a dog’s temperature
Tetanus in dogs
Things Your Home Should Never Be Without
Transitional Cell Carcinoma
TVD – Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia (January 2003)
TVD Update (July 2004)
Urinary & Bladder problems in dogs
Urinary tract problems
Vaccination articles
Veterinary Information Index
Veterinary Procedures and Laboratory Tests
Vomiting & Diarrhea
When its time to say goodbye
Zoonotic Disease (What you Can/Cannot Catch From Pet)